Hello world!

Today is the beginning of a journey for us. We’ve been trying to conceive for over 2 years now and infertility treatments are well underway. In fact, our second IUI (intra-uterine insemination) is scheduled for next week. I’m not fully sure where this journey will take us or even where it could even take us. The biggest part of this journey is discovering just that. It’s an education that is for sure.

Why today? We are officially scheduled to attend an informational/orientation to foster parenting. I recently received the paperwork from the foster-parenting organization that says “only 15% of foster children are eligible for adoption.” That is not quiet what I expected. However, I do not exactly know what I expected. It’s discouraging and overwhelming at the same time.  Furthermore, Patrick heard from a social worker today at work that there is a great need for foster parents in this area because most of the families are so large here (many families have 4 or more children) that no one can possibly take in more children via foster.  How sad is that? We are a society that continues to populate the world with more children when there are so many that are in need.

I wonder further about private adoption as well.  I have so many questions and so many fears. I worry and wonder what path are we meant to take and which one will work for us. None of the options appear ideal. I hunger for more and more information about each every option in hopes that we will discover the one that will be right for us.

… just 1 more is all that I hope for.